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  • As pastors and worship leaders, we do our best to live into the gospel that we proclaim from week to week. It’s a gospel big enough to contain both our laments, our cries, our hopes, and our joys. It’s a gospel that recognizes and acknowledges the brokenness of our world and still finds a way to offer the hope of Easter morning.

  • It doesn’t matter how many beautiful and well put together worship services you’ve crafted. What truly matters is how you’ve chosen to love and care for those whom God has entrusted in your worshipping congregation.

  • The powerful work of the Holy Spirit in our places of worship is so incredibly gracious through and through and often times surprises us with unexpected glimpses of God’s grace to the people God loves so dearly.

  • 3 minute prelude.  
    +4 minutes for announcements and call to worship.  
    +6 minute section of confession and assurance.   
    +6 songs in the service x 2 minutes each = 12 minutes.  
    +24 minute sermon.  
    +7 minute morning prayer.  
    +8 minutes for deacons announcement, prayer and collection
    +15 minutes Lord’s Supper
    +10 minutes Baptism 
    ≠ 60-75 minutes for worship