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fgutbrod's blog

A Case for the Church Choir

Choral music itself will never be a thing of the past, but impoverished are the congregations who are forcing their people to experience singing in secular settings.

How important are church choirs? How vital are they to a healthy ministry? Why have them at all?

Framing Epiphany in Worship Planning

Epiphany might not be on every congregation’s calendar. But perhaps some simple frames can enable worship leaders and worshipers—veteran and novice—to add it to theirs.

Confession and Assurance

Confession is a good and fitting dimension of what we do in worshiping the One who is completely holy and righteous.

Story On: The Necessity of Participation in Church and Civic Life

The change of the church season and the participation of the democratic process remind us of the privilege and the call to participate in a greater story being told.

Reclaimed Goods: Redeeming Culture for Worship

Finding ways of connecting Scripture and culture in worship.

Can pop culture be redeemed for Christian purposes? This is a question often asked by worship leaders.