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fgutbrod's blog

Playing in the Garden-Kingdom

The creational nature of the garden-kingdom metaphor can help build visuals and object lessons for preaching, enrich the worship environment, and shape how a congregation walks through the big movements of the biblical story.

A New Bilingual Hymnal That Speaks About the Unity Found in Diversity / Un nuevo himnario bilingüe que manifiesta unidad en la

A hymnal is a treasure trove for learning and equipping Christians in all different settings with the tools and resources to worship together. A collection like this serves as an invitation for worshipers to speak about the unity found in the diversity of a common body of song.

Peppermints, Mentos, and Communion with Children

Since we invite people of all ages to receive baptism as a sign of God’s never ending grace-filled love for them, why not also let people of all ages also receive communion as a sign of God’s never ending grace-filled love for them?

Beyond Anything We Could Ask or Imagine

The array of worship services during the Holy Week is meant to be, as described by some Millennials, an “embodied practice of faith—a liturgy that shapes our stance toward heaven more than our intellect about heaven.”

Pulling Out All the Stops

Sound and light in worship services excite our God-created sensory systems. While some worshipers welcome them, they could make others feel uncomfortable. Barb Newman shares some ideas on “sensory friendly” worship environments.