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A Single Sentence Elevator Speech about the Lord’s Supper


Remembrance: An Incomplete Truth

Every year, I ask my college and seminary students to tell me how they think 8 and 9 year olds in their congregation would summarize the point of the Lords’ Supper in a sentence. Invariably, the vast, vast majority say “the Supper is about remembering Jesus’ death.”

Worship Math: Healthy Practices Add Up

3 minute prelude.  
+4 minutes for announcements and call to worship.  
+6 minute section of confession and assurance.   
+6 songs in the service x 2 minutes each = 12 minutes.  
+24 minute sermon.  
+7 minute morning prayer.  
+8 minutes for deacons announcement, prayer and collection
+15 minutes Lord’s Supper
+10 minutes Baptism 
≠ 60-75 minutes for worship

SELMA: Reflection from a Pakistani Pastor

Who is Selma? That was my first reaction after hearing about the movie Selma without knowing that it is the name of city in the USA. In Pakistan Selma (Salma) is a popular name of girls. Salma Hayek is a famous movie actress in Hollywood and there was another actress Salma Agha in Pakistan as well. Bollywood films (Indian film industry fashioned after Hollywood) produced songs that use this name in their lyrics.