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The Double Sorrow and the Place of Prayer

Prayer involves alignment between the words we speak to our Father in heaven and the actions of our lives on earth.

Broken Pieces, Henry, and the Holy Spirit

The powerful work of the Holy Spirit in our places of worship is so incredibly gracious through and through and often times surprises us with unexpected glimpses of God’s grace to the people God loves so dearly.

Fluorescent Bulbs, Wild Onions, and the Good News of Jesus Christ

At the beginning of this mythical season called a “ministry year,” those of us who are called to lead others into deeper discipleship need to re-check our bearings. . . . We need to make sure we’re looking for the right markers to gauge our effectiveness.

Hamilton and Jesus

I’m convinced the Church’s captivating, timeless gospel song plays most memorably in the classic liturgy, offering much-loved lyrics and phrases and its own kind of choreography.

Nourishing a Love

My daughter grew up delighting in music. Already as a toddler she loved to sing and dance and twirl. But a defining moment came when we booked tickets to the musical, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.

Cultivating Reverence in Worship

“Worship the Lord with reverence, and rejoice with trembling.” (Psalm 2:11)

“…the only true and salutary joy is that which arises from resting in the fear and reverence of God.” — John Calvin, commenting on Psalm 2