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Content about Children's sermons

June 1, 2007

This service centers on the theme of giving thanks for country, church, and children. Each of the three sections features a litany, meditation, and prayer that involve a number of participants from the congregation.

December 1, 1997

Object: A bag of "silver" coins

[Using a cordless microphone, someone clinks coins onto a table.]

Listen! Someone is counting out coins. Big coins, coins that are probably worth lots of money. From the way they ring, they sound like silver coins.... Maybe even real silver, solid silver.

Listen! They're talking about how many coins there should be. Hmm, I wonder what they could be buying that's worth so many coins?

December 1, 1997

For the last several years, our congregation has connected the traditional Christmas children's program to another program during Lent or Easter. Last year during Advent we used the series "Have You Seen the Angels?" (RW 37) along with a children's program. So our Easter program (see below) also focused on angels.

December 1, 1993

On a cold December evening, sixteen neighborhood, children responded to an invitation to hear the Christmas story at our house. I didn't even know all of them by name, but I invited them because I wanted to test a new way of telling stories I had learned at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan. I had taken the four-day training session twice. But I was still somewhat skeptical of this children's worship program with its quiet, reverent environment. How could children sit as still as fifty-year-olds to hear God's Word?

June 1, 1989

Children's sermons should bring good news rather than grand expectations

The pressure is on. The council has votedyes on the parents'proposal that each morning service include a children's sermon. It's up to the worship committee and the pastor to come up with some topics.

The quickest solution is also one of the worst. It's something we've all witnessed far too often:

June 1, 1989

by Sonja M. Stewart and Jerome W. Berryman. Westminster Press, 1989.

See "Letting the Story Stand" (p. 25) for further information about the program described in this book.

Our Heritage of Hymns. Choristers Guild, 1986
Exploring the Hymnal. Choristers Guild, 1986.

These two educational books, reviewed in RW 5, are excellent resources for teaching children about the hymns of the church.