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Content about Hispanic Americans -- Religion

September 1, 1999

I got off the subway and walked a couple of blocks to the big brick church on the corner of Amsterdam and 105th in New York City. West End Presbyterian Church has been on that corner for over a hundred years and has seen many changes, especially in the past generation.

March 1, 1997

We're not all alike.

When you open a pea pod, the peas look alike. It's difficult to tell one pea from another. Not so with people. Although to some folks all Hispanics may "look alike," we are as different from each other as one Anglo is from another. Not only are Mexicans different from each other, but Mexicans are different from Cubans, who are different from Puerto Ricans, who are different from Guatemalans.

September 1, 1991




Songs of Praised:1