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Content about Worship -- Bibliography

December 4, 2004

The adventurous pilgrim in search of true wisdom will brave harsh clime and harrowing climb to question the mountaintop guru about the meaning of life. Modern pilgrims in search of worship-related wisdom need only brave slow Internet connections. The era of the point-and-click expert is here, via the World Wide Web. Of course, not all experts are equally helpful or equally wise. What follows, then, is a report of three helpful worship guru websites I’ve discovered on my electronic travels.

Robert Webber
September 1, 1990

Reformed Worship asked eleven pastors and worship leaders which resources they use most often when planning worship services. The group included eight pastors, one college professor, and tivo seminary professors, representing three denominations: the Christian Reformed Church , Reformed Church in America , and Presbyterian Church (USA) The variety and diversity of responses was interesting. Only a few resources were named by more than one person; they are indicated with an asterisk (*).