Praise & Worship Not the Answer

I agree that many people are rightfully dissatisfied with "traditional" church music, but I do not believe that Praise & Worship, as described in the June issue of Reformed Worship, presents the best alternative.

Rather than adjusting our standards downward to the least common denominator of musical ability and taste in a rush to emotionalism, I believe we need to elevate our standards of musical selection, preparation, and performance.

Another issue of Reformed Worship devoted to ways of upgrading our music in worship would be much appreciated.

Carl H. Koning
Grand Rapids, MI

I am a church musician. I studied to be a serious musician and in the Reformed tradition. Your publication seemed like a good idea when it began. I even thought it would be helpful in keeping our Reformed vision alive. I still keep the Calvinist vision of redeeming the world. You however, are listening to our "anything goes" pop culture, not what is our best for the Lord. Research what Reformed worship is supposed to be. What are our standards? You advocate taped music and pop performance, which are entertainment rather than Christian members offering their best in worship. I wish you would bring your Journal back to our Reformed roots, or stop using Christian Reformed funds for publication.
(name withheld)

Appreciate RW

As one of our church organists, I have all the issues of R W and refer to them frequently. I really appreciate your publication and find it a useful resource that is exciting to read. Thank you for putting out such excellent material that is useful even to those of us who are not professionals.

Arlene Wassink
Jenison, MI

We have subscribed to RW since it began and appreciate it very much. Keep up the good work.

Les Kuiper
Oostburg, Wisconsin

I enclose my subscription for the ensuing twelve months. I have found the periodical most informative, useful, and inspiring.

D.F. Murray
Roseville, Australia

Banner for Easter

We thought you might be interested in publishing a print of the banner some of the women at Old Orchard Presbyterian Church created in 1983. The sun is cut from satin; the rest is a combination of cottons, corduroys, and other fabrics we could not identify. The banner was machine quilted in part, and the letters were glued on the top.

Penelope Sprague
Webster Grove, Missouri

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