Lent Choral Music for Church Choirs

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  • Words, Words, Words!

    Let worship words speak within a stone’s throw of worship itself. Let worship throw open windows for us to sense the bigger-than-words realities to which our words refer.

  • The global COVID-19 pandemic has exposed centuries-old, unresolved racial disparities and injustices that are groaning for the reconciling grace of the gospel. Amidst this reality, what is the shape of honest worship in your context? 
  • These Sonnets are written to follow the order of worship and can be used by individuals for personal reflection, or in worship with households, small groups, or full congregations interspersed throughout worship or as a poetic offering.

    While these days we readily associate the word Corona with the COVID-19 virus, in English literature it has another meaning entirely. Bethany explains: