• So often in the telling of the gospel story we forget the role of the Holy Spirit. Pentecost Sunday is an opportunity for us to offer a healthy corrective as we acknowledge the role the Spirit played in creation, in the renewing of all living things, in our prayers, our salvation, and our resurrection hope.

  • Where did your Christian ministry journey begin? Perhaps through a series of life events you experienced a certain tug in your heart that seemed to be more than a human emotion, but a sense of God’s special call upon your life…As you reflect upon your unique path to Christian ministry you will most likely recall people and events which have been part of the fore-knowledge of your ministry designer. Pause for a moment and give God thanks for these people. If they are still living let them know how God used them in your life.

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    April 22, 2024

    The Green Banana

    Our use of technology should clarify what we’re trying to share together and amplify the good news of the gospel. The microphones, what we project onto our screens, the lighting in the space, the way we incorporate video, all should help us clarify our communication and communion together.