• If you haven’t recently taken the time to inspect the elements and tools that you use for communion, consider this an invitation to go back to these mundane items which take up significant meaning when we use them in communion. What meanings are you communicating in your choices?

  • What does it mean to have business with God, to engage with the creator of the universe, the Holy One, in life and worship? In this blog Dr. Cornelius Plantinga unpacks that question with the aid of John Calvin’s writing on negotium cum Deo, our business is with God.

  • If you are a choir director you are probably working on finalizing your choral repertoire for Advent. In this blog Dr. Kai Ton Chau provides suggestions for five Advent choral pieces chosen with the smaller church choir in mind. The pieces were chosen with themes of waiting, preparation, and light, making them very adaptable for various Advent preaching series and lectionaries. Chau also included helpful teaching notes for each piece.