About Us

Reformed Worship is a collection of resources available through social media, monthly enewsletters, a website, and a growing digital library, all based on a quarterly print magazine that provides practical help and support to worship planners. It has a global and ecumenical audience and welcomes articles and resources from a variety of contexts.  

Joyce Borger

Rev. Joyce Borger, Editor

Rev. Joyce Borger, an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church is senior editor of Reformed Worship and director of Worship Ministries of the Christian Reformed Church. She is a member of Brookside Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, MI, where she also serves as a shepherding elder. 

Kai Ton Chau

Dr. Kai Ton Chau, Associate Editor

Dr. Kai Ton Chau is the associate editor of Reformed Worship and resource development specialist at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. He is a member and choir director at Blythefield Christian Reformed Church in Rockford, Michigan.

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Pastor Katie Ritsema Roelofs, Associate Editor

Katie Ritsema Roelofs is a commissioned pastor in the Christian Reformed Church and serves as the Resource and Communications Coordinator for Reformed Worship. She lives in Maryland and is a member of the Washington DC Christian Reformed Church.

Karen DeVries

Karen DeVries, Copy Editor

Karen DeVries is the copy editor for Reformed Worship. She and her family are members of Boston Square Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Frank Gutbrod

Frank Gutbrod, Designer

Frank Gutbrod is the graphic designer of Reformed Worship. He is a member of Tabernacle Community Church and volunteers for the sound and media team.

Dean Heetderks

Dean Heetderks, Art Director

Dean Heetderks is co-director of Ministry Support Services of the Christian Reformed Church and art director of Reformed Worship. He is a member of Covenant Christian Reformed Church in Cutlerville, Michigan.

Laura Meyerini

Laura Meyering, Subscription Manager

Laura Meyering is the Subscription Manager of Reformed Worship and Administrative Specialist of Worship Ministries of the Christian Reformed ChurchShe is a member of Ada Bible Church in Kentwood, Michigan.