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Reformed Worship exists to share the resources of the local church with the local church. In order for that to happen RW depends on submissions from people like you with churches like yours. Urban, rural, small or large, regardless of style if you have a resource or worship service that has blessed your congregation and is grounded in scripture and are willing to share it with others then please do submit it!

How to Submit an Article


Please review the writers guidelines.


Use this submission form and follow the instruction for attaching your submission and accompanying material.
Things you will be asked to do/include when filling out the form:

  1. Short biography - about 2 sentences covering where you live and work.
  2. Author(s) picture - a close cropped photo of your face is best in a jpg or tiff file.
  3. Assurance that everything in the article/resource is original to you. Anything that isn’t original should include their sources.
  4. Attach the article/resource along with any supporting material, photos etc.
  5. Accept an agreement that Reformed Worship will be allowed to edit and utilize the material in print and online media.