I have enjoyed Reformed Worship for years, but understandably read RW 49 with particular interest [as writer of the text for Psalm 42 on p. 25]. Thank you for the sensitive way the business of copyright permission by the Copyright Company was handled. Absolutely fair, but nevertheless true to the facts. I have had so many requests for the text, and it is really too bad that one always has to add the “however . . . ” when granting permission.

Keep up the fabulous work. RW is a beautifully executed and hands-on practical resource that every church worship planner ought to know about. I make sure I recommend it to my colleagues, and my ministers know how eagerly I always await its arrival and put it on my desk first.

Lydia Peterson
Royal Oak United Church
Etobicoke, Ontario


Ironically, in the very article “Should Seekers Be Invited to the Table?” [RW 48, p. 22] where Maan is working out the implications of grace for our understanding of the Eucharist, there are some reflections—I’m sure they are inadvertent slips—of a Pelagian view, e.g., “the church’s responsibility to maintain the integrity of the supper” (p. 22), and “the church has been given the honor of overseeing the Lord’s Supper” (p. 25).

Since the rest of the article—and the issue!— deals with this being God’s table, the phrases quoted jarred with the overall perspective. As said elsewhere, we as the church are waiters, not the host; the task of waiters is to serve, not to determine who may or may not eat.

Great work in the whole issue!

Vern Ratzlaff
Nutana Park Mennonite Church
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Editor’s note: No slip here. What Ratzlaff views as Pelagian can be defended as historic Reformed covenantal theology of the church, which understands it has responsibility to guard the integrity of the meal so that those who sit at the table know they are prepared to partake as members of the body (1 Cor. 11).


Greetings from Kenya. Thank you for the two magazines which we have already received of Reformed Worship. We have found them very useful already. God bless your ministry.

Anja Buwalda
Nairobi, Kenya


Dan McKinley just sent me a copy of your recent article on lyons for Reformed Worship (RW 47, p. 10). Although he recommended a year ago that I should publish an article on the tune’s origins, other things have taken priority for awhile. Consequently, I am very happy for your contribution filling the void. Thanks for mention of my work—as well as the contribution from the wonderful University of Indiana School of Music library. Among the great music libraries around the country, IU’s must be one of the very best.

Margaret Dismore
Columbus, Indiana

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