Resources on Hymns and Hymnals

Along with many new hymns and hymnals, an increasing number of helpful resources are being published. Many of these books are hard to find. The typical Christian bookstore carries few, if any, books geared to hymnody; and music stores usually specialize in choral and organ music.

Recognizing the need, the Hymn Society of America established a book service in 1986. People who subscribe to the Hymn Society's journal, The Hymn, have indicated their appreciation for being able to order many different items from a single address. RW has selected just a few of those titles from the Hymn Society Book Service and listed them, along with ordering information, below. Gift ideas galore: do your Christmas shopping early.

The Faith We Sing by Paul Shilling
A look at the meaning behind the songs of worship. The author identifies, interprets, and evaluates the theological convictions voiced in representative hymns. HSBS-101..........$14.95

Creative Hymn Singing by Alice Parker
A collection of 20 hymn tunes and texts with notes on their origin, idiom, and performance; and suggestions for their use in the service. HSBS-103..........$3.95

Hymns: A Congregational Study by James R. Sydnor
A study guide for any members of a congregation who desire to explore the interesting and beneficial realm of congregational music. For class use and individual study.
Teacher's Guide......$4.95
A Student's Edition... $2.95

Hymns and Their Uses by James R. Sydnor
A guide to improved congregational singing written to assist church musicians, ministers and committees of worship, as well as students of hymnology. HSBS-105..........$6.95

The Organist and Hymn Playing by Austin C. Lovelace
A step-by-step analysis of the specific techniques required for good hymn playing. This is a revised and expanded edition of the 1962 release. HSBS-106..........$4.95

Duty and Delight—Routley Remembered
Seventeen different authors have contributed to this memorial volume which pays tribute to the life and work of Erik Routley. Each makes a significant contribution to an area of study, writing, or research in which Routley had distinguished himself HSBS-107..........$18.50

Stories of Our Favorite Hymns by Christopher Idle
Told in a lively popular style intended more for the congregation member. HSBS-108..........$14.95

The Music of Christian Hymns by Erik Routley
Routley's 36th book, and in his own words, "the summation of my life's work." Traces the history of the music to which Christian peoples have sung their hymns. From plainsong through twentieth-century hymnody. Includes 605 musical examples.
Library Binding

The Anatomy of Hymnody by Austin C. Lovelace
A concise insight into the structure of hymn texts-—exploring rhyme schemes, meters, and poetic devices with examples drawn from standard hymn sources. HSBS-112...........$5.95

Companion to the Lutheran Book of Worship by Marilyn Stulken
Deluxe slip-case edition. HSBS-115..........$34.95

Hymnbook 1982
Ecumenical version of The Hymnal 1982 contains the hymns with accompaniment, but without service music. HSBS-207.........$12.95

Rejoice in The Lord by Erik Routley, Editor
A hymn companion to the Scriptures. HSBS-203.........$12.95

Hymn Festivals by Austin C. Lovelace (1978)
Contains history, purpose and function, types of services, planning suggestions and resources. HSBS-720..........$3.00

To order these resources from the Hymn Society of America, indicate the HSBS number for each product ordered, calculate the total amount due, add 10% for postage and handling, and make checks payable to: Hymn Society of America. Send your order and payment to: Hymn Society Book Service, P.O. Box 30854, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX 76129.


Dr. Routley's idea of using the Scriptures as a guide for the selection and arrangement of hymns was truly inspired… Our denomination does not have a common body of hymnody, and the task of selecting five hundred hymns that would satisfy the tastes of all our congregations seemed hopeless. Taking the Scriptures as our guide, our goal was no longer to please the various congregations, but to comply with the Scriptures. New hymns had to be found to deal with passages that had previously been neglected. Other old favorites had to be dropped from the list because their texts had little or no scriptural basis.
—Gloria Norton (RIL)

Each member of the committee probably had some personal sorrow at the removal of one of his own favorites. I, for example, lost the battle for "O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go," which I have always liked in spite of its dreadful tune. On the other hand, I won the battle to retain "Ancient of Days." But none of these represented a deep disappointment or a stunning victory.
—Howard Hageman (RIL)

My greatest prayer for the revised Trinity Hymnal is that God will use it to revive the singing in our churches, enhance our appreciation of corporate worship, and ultimately deepen our spiritual lives and commitment to the Lord.
—Donald M. Poundstone (TH)

My hope is that the Psalter Hymnal will be used mightily for the Lord in his worship and in Christian growth-—in our denominations and in other denominations.
—Marie J. Post (PH)

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