Reformation Hymn Festival

Prelude: Our Father, Who Art in Heaven J.S.Bach

* Processional Hymn: Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven Rejoice in the Lord 144

st. 1-3 all
st. 4 choirs
st. 5 all

Sola Scriptura

Scripture: Matthew 4:1-4

*Confession: The Geneva Confession of 1536, #1 First, we affirm that we desire to follow Scripture alone as the rule of faith and religion, without mixing with it any other thing which might be devised by the opinion of men apart from the Word of God, and without wishing to accept for our spiritual government any other doctrine than what is conveyed to us by the same Word without addition or diminution, according to the command of our Lord.

Hymn: O Word of God Incarnate
Rejoice in the Lord 387

Hymn: Thanks to God Whose Word Was Spoken
Psalter Hymnal 281

Anthem: The Omnipotence
Franz Shubert

Sola Gratia

Scripture: Ephesians 2:4—10

*Confession: Canons of Dort 1.7

Election is God's unchangeable purpose by which he did the following: Before the foundation of the world, by sheer grace, according to the free good pleasure of his will, he chose in Ghrist to salvation a definite number of particular people out of the entire human race, which had fallen by its own fault from its original innocence into sin and ruin. Those chosen were neither better nor more deserving than the others, but lay with them in the common misery. He did this in Christ, whom he also appointed from eternity to be the mediator, the head of all those chosen, and the foundation of their salvation.

Hymn: Give Thanks to God, the Father
Psalter Hymnal 225

Hymn: Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
Rejoice in the Lord 449

Sola Fide

Scripture: Romans 1:16—17

*Confession: Heidelberg Catechism 21

Q. What is true faith?
A. True faith is not only a knowledge and conviction that everything God reveals in his Word is true; it is also a deep-rooted assurance, created in me by the Holy Spirit through the gospel, that, out of sheer grace earned for us by Christ, not only others, but I too, have had my sins forgiven, have been made forever right with God, and have been granted salvation.

Hymn: I Greet Thee
Rejoice in the Lord 366

st. 1 all
st. 2 men
st. 3 women
st. 4-5 all

Hymn: Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Psalter Hymnal 556

Anthem: Above All Praise and All Majesty
Felix Mendelssohn

Solo Christo

Scripture: Philippians 2:5-11

*Confession: Our World Belongs to God and Our Song of Hope

Being both God and man,
Jesus is the only Mediator
between God and his people.
He alone paid the debt of our sin;
there is no other Savior!
(Our World Belongs to God, 33)

Our only hope is Jesus Christ.
After we refused to live in the image of
He was born of the virgin Mary,
sharing our genes and our instincts,
entering our culture, speaking Our
fulfilling the law of our God.
Being united to His humanity,
we know ourselves when we rest in Him.
(Our Song of Hope III.3)

Hymn: At the Name of Jesus
Rejoice in the Lord 336

st. 1 all
st. 2 choirs
st. 3-5 all

Hymn: What Wondrous Love
Psalter Hymnal 379

Hymn: Sing, Choirs of New Jerusalem
Psalter Hymnal 404

Soli Deo Gloria

Scripture: Revelation 15:3—4a

*Confession: Westminster Shorter Catechism

Q. 1 What is the chief end of man?
A.…to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever.

*Hymn: Thou Hast Made Us
Rejoice in the Lord 72

*Doxology: To God Be the Glory
Psalter Hymnal 632


*Recessional Hymn: Lift High the Cross
Rejoice in the Lord 415

*Postlude: Now Thank We All Our God
J. S. Bach

*Everyone who is able, please stand.

Reformed Worship 8 © June 1988 Worship Ministries of the Christian Reformed Church. Used by permission.