CDs: Hearts on Pilgrimage: A Daily Devotional Experience Filled with Music, Prayer, and Scripture

Sara Singleton. Carol Stream, Ill.: Oasis Audio, 2002. 14-page booklet and 4 CDs. $29.99.

Producer Sara Singleton has assembled an “audio sanctuary” that clearly reverences the Scriptures, warmly embraces the prayers and spiritual disciplines of past generations of believers, and, through vocal and instrumental selections, encourages the listener to savor the truth of the gospel and sweetness of close communion with the Savior.

The recordings (CD or cassette) offer twenty fifteen-minute devotionals. Each day’s selection includes several beautifully-read Scriptures from the Old and New Testaments, as well as prayers of adoration and praise, blessings, intercessions, and benedictions. There are choice quotes from the Church Fathers, as well as pastors, scholars, and poets of more recent times. The choral and vocal music offerings range from historic and modern anthems to mild contemporary selections by singers like Fernando Ortega. The orchestral underscoring, composed by J.A.C. Redford (The Trip to Bountiful), provides an acoustical and meditative connection for this powerful audio prayer time.

Carl Stam ( is the director of the Institute for Christian Worship at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the part-time minister of music at Louisville’s Clifton Baptist Church. Since 1995, he has distributed a weekly e-mail devotional on worship and prayer, Worship Quote of the Week (


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