Worship and Disabilities

As I picked up my copy of RW my eye caught the paragraph where you mention that worshipers cannot meditate on the fast-moving images of PowerPoint (“Come and See,” RW 70). This struck me as a wonderful addition to my workshop on worship and disabilities. If regular worshipers can’t meditate on PowerPoint, how in the world do you think people with retardation, autism,or those who are sight impaired (as opposed to blind) will be able to think about the pictures? Your simple banner is wonderful. I would suggest that the banner be introduced verbally. This way those who do not have abstract thinking skills could know right away that it is Jesus. This same concept of simplicity is perfect for a worship space designed for those with dementia.

Nella Uitvlugt, director of Friendship
Ministries Grand Rapids, Michigan


Thank you so very much for the extraordinary work you do with Reformed Worship. Just when I think I’ve heard it all/seen it all, I turn the pages and find things that set sparks flying on one side of the brain, while others provide a stream of calming peace. And that’s in every issue! Each one is like opening an exquisite jewelry box and being bedazzled by the gifts within.

Your outstanding team provides something no one else has managed to do—create a publication filled with exceptional opportunities for private devotion in the midst of preparation for corporate worship. Thank you!

Sandi Billy
Virginia Wesleyan College,
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Appreciation for Advent Series

In RW 69 (September 2003), you included a four-week Advent series (p. 11). Since I normally follow the Lectionary, I was quite intrigued by your offerings. I took all the resources you had printed and adapted it to the service we commonly use during Advent.

I refer to Reformed Worship regularly in preparing worship for our congregation. By the way, we are small, averaging less than 100 on any given Sunday, but the people are warm-hearted and open to new and challenging ideas.

Roy B. Howell, pastor
Trinity United Church of Christ, McCutchenville, Ohio

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