Book: Worship & Evangelism

Andy and Sally Overby Langford. Nashville: Discipleship Resources, 1989. 84 pages.

The authors of this book are United Methodist pastors who specialize in worship (Andy) and evangelism (Sally). They have written this little manual in the conviction that call and response are central to both worship and evangelism and are therefore never far removed from each other.

The book contains lots of practical suggestions. Some are complicated and will require much planning: "Your congregation should plan to begin at least one new service of worship if it intends to share the gospel more widely." Others are simple good sense: "Once the building has been found, signs should indicate where its rooms are, including the sanctuary, nursery, and rest rooms."

Various invitations and responses are discussed as well as special services and the Christian year. Suggestions are given for worship planning. All in all, the book provides a good starting place for a worship or evangelism committee to begin thinking through the worship service from the perspective of the church's gathering nature.

But it's only a start. Reformed churches will miss a more thorough biblical/theological introduction to worship and evangelism. And no book on this subject is complete today without an evaluation of the seeker or seeker-sensitive service.

Dirk J. Hart was director of evangelism for CRC Home Missions.


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