A Prayer for Trinity Sunday

While I was planning our Trinity Sunday worship service, I was inspired by my study of 2 Corinthians 13:11–13. In verse 11, the word that is often translated “be perfected” or “put things in order” is the same word used in the gospels to describe the mending of fishing nets. In this prayer, the joys and concerns of the congregation are lifted up to the triune God, who is the mender of our nets and our lives. This idea became a theme for this prayer.

Triune God, we bring our prayers to you today—our joys and our concerns, our sorrows and our rejoicing, our despair and our hopes, trusting that you listen to us and that you care for us. Hear us now, O Lord, as we pray.

We offer to you these prayers today for all your people. We ask, O God, that you would be near to all who are in need this day, whatever their needs might look like. We entrust them to your care.

We look to you, Holy God, to be a mender of our nets. We come to you as people with broken hearts, broken relationships, broken dreams. Remind us that you, who knit us together, are more than able to stitch us back together. Mend our hearts; mend our relationships; mend our dreams. O God, may our weaknesses become like glittering golden seams in mended clay jars so that your glory might be made known throughout the earth.

We look to you, Holy Spirit, to be a comforter and encourager to us. We come to you as discouraged people, as frustrated people, as sorrowful people. Remind us that you, who was sent to us by Jesus to be our advocate, are more than able to inspire us on our life’s journeys. Lift our spirits, transform our frustration into action, and soothe our sorrows. Holy Spirit, may your comfort and consolation overflow in us so that we might comfort and console all those you place in our paths.

We look to you, Holy Jesus, to lead us in your ways of love, sacrifice, and service. We come to you as people who so often look to our own ways rather than your ways. Remind us that you, who freely poured yourself out for the world, are more than able to renew our minds and unite us to your cruciform life. O Lord, may we be one in mind, in love, and in voice. Amen.

April Fiet is a reluctant trailblazer who preaches, pastors, and parents in partnership with her husband, Jeff. April and Jeff have served as co-pastors for the past ten years and currently serve at First Presbyterian Church in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. April also enjoys gardening, accidental alliteration, and crocheting creatures.

Reformed Worship 127 © March 2018, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Used by permission.