Tell the Story of All God’s Wondrous Works

Psalm 105 for Two Readers

Reader 1: We have a story to tell.
Reader 2: A story of a people.
Reader 1: A story of miracles.
Reader 2: A story of wondrous works.
Reader 1: A story of deliverance and rejoicing.
Reader 2: A story of a nation.
Reader 1: A nation that was part of a covenant, a special promise with God.
Reader 2: An everlasting covenant: “I will give you the land of Canaan and so much more than that.”
Both: Praise the Lord.

Reader 1: This is a story about our heavenly father.
Reader 2: One we know so well!
Reader 1: One that we should always remember, about God’s faithfulness.
Reader 2: And God’s love.
Reader 1: God, our God, in charge of the whole earth.
Both: Praise the Lord.

Reader 2: We keep our eyes open for God, looking for signs of God’s wonders.
Reader 1: Wonders in creation, and wonders in the story of God’s people.
Reader 2: God’s wondrous works.
Reader 1: In the beginning God created—
Reader 2: God created us in his image; created us to fill the world and it was good!
Reader 1: God made us and invited us to spread the story—the story of God’s love.
Reader 2: The story of God’s Son—
Reader 1: The story of God’s love.
Both: Praise the Lord.

Reader 2: We were created to spread the story of God’s wonderful acts; covenant and miracles.
Reader 1: The covenant that God made with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob—
Reader 2: Saying you will inherit a land, a kingdom, a new life.
Reader 1: The covenant that covered Joseph, Moses, and Aaron.
Reader 2: Miracles that gave God’s people the freedom they so desired.
Reader 1: The covenant that saved Joseph from slavery.
Reader 2: And the Lord filled Joseph with wisdom.
Reader 1: The covenant that gave Israel the promised land,
Reader 2: Despite their fear and disobedience.
Reader 1: The covenant that led God’s people out of Egypt. 
Reader 2: Egypt was glad when they left.
Reader 1: They were filled with fear and awe towards the God of the Israelites.
Reader 2: The God that saved his people.
Reader 1: The Israelites had done nothing to earn their freedom, yet God kept his promise.
Reader 2: God said: “Don’t you dare lay a hand on my anointed; don’t hurt a hair on the heads of my prophets!”
Reader 1: God guided his people out of Egypt into the desert, yet God kept them safe at night and gave them food during the day.
Reader 2: God gave his people water that gushed out from a rock and flowed like a river into the desert.
Reader 1: God filled them with the bread of heaven.
Both: Praise the Lord.

Reader 2: Give thanks to our Lord and call on his name.
Reader 1: Tell everyone what God has done.
Reader 2: Give thanks; sing praises; tell of God’s glory and rejoice.
Reader 1: Let us seek the Lord and rejoice!
Reader 2: The Lord is our strength, our song, our salvation.
Reader 1: We have received the story of God’s wondrous works. 
Reader 2: Sing to him!
Reader 1: Sing songs to him!
Reader 2: Let us sing to God for as long as we live.
Reader 1: O give thanks to the Lord! Call upon his name.
Reader 2: Make known God’s deeds among the peoples!
Reader 1: Sing to him; sing psalms to him; talk of all God’s wondrous works!
Reader 2: Glory in God’s holy name; let the hearts of those rejoice who seek the Lord!
Reader 1: Seek the Lord and his strength; seek God’s face evermore!
Reader 2: Remember God’s marvelous works which he has done.
Reader 1: Let us tell that story.
Reader 2: We have a story to tell.
Both: Praise the Lord.

Rebecca Bokma is a student at Calvin Theological Seminary pursuing a Master of Divinity degree with the hope of being ordained in the Christian Reformed Church after graduation.

Diana Bronsema is a graduate of Redeemer University, Ancaster, Ontario, where she enjoyed her time learning the art of theater and performance from a Reformed Christian perspective. She believes that theater is a wonderful way to worship our heavenly Father.

Reformed Worship 139 © March 2021 Worship Ministries of the Christian Reformed Church. Used by permission.