Convert to Cover

I have just received RW 4. I read it from cover to cover and must congratulate you on an excellent issue.

Thank you also for your article on new hymns and hymnals. I am afraid that the solution to better hymn singing is so obvious that we will continue to search for more complex solutions—at least that is the way the city is run here in Chicago.

We have a new hymnal committee, all of whom would benefit from reading this issue.

George H. Shorney, President
Hope Publishing Co.
Carol Stream, Illinois

Time to Subscribe

Enclosed is a check for a year's subscription to your fine magazine. My best friend subscribes, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading his last two issues. I suppose it is time I begin buying my own. At last I have found a music magazine which offers timely and useful articles. Congratulations on such a well-done job!

Lonnie Knight
Talbott Cumberland Presbyterian
Talbott, Tennessee

Much Taken

I enjoyed the fourth issue of RW very much and have already passed on the copy to one of the members of our session who works on the worship committee. There are several other people in our church (an Orthodox Presbyterian congregation) and several of our musicians at the college (who function an organists or choir leaders in neighboring communities) to whom I would like to show the journal.

Since I have a special interest in hymnody, I was much taken with this fourth issue. God be with you in overseeing such a useful and productive venture.

Mark A. Noll
Professor of History
Wheaton College
Wheaton, Illinois

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