Some of you really hang on to your back issues of RW! Way back in RW 5 (Fall 1987) we ran an article on Chrismons, including the address where patterns could be ordered. But a subscriber recently called to inform us that the company has moved; where could they get the patterns? (As the article explained, Chrismons are ornaments of Christmas symbols to hang on "Chrismon trees" during Advent; they can be created in many different media, including cross-stitch.) The new address for ordering cross-stitch patterns is Turn of the Century, 102 Central Avenue NW, Orange City IA 51041. (712) 737-8175.


The Hymn Society and Alternatives for Simple Living are cosponsoring a song/hymn contest on the theme of "Justice," specifically social and economic Justice from the biblical perspective. Deadline for entries is January 31, 1997. Cash prizes total $1000.00 for the winning entries. Entry applications and guidelines are available from Gerald Iversen at PO Box 2857, Sioux City, IA 51106; (712) 274-2549; to receive or send a fax, call (712) 274-8875 first;[].


New York

Binghamton, September 7
Rochester, September 9
Hornell, September 21
Lockport, September 23
Syracuse, September 28
Newberg, September 30
Long Island, October 5
Queens, October 7
Albany, October 12

New England States

Hartford, CT, October 14
Concord, NH, October 26
Portland, ME, October 28
Boston, MA, November 2
Providence, RI, November 9
Burlington, VT, November II

1996 Renew "four Worship! workshops with Robert Webber on biending contemporary and traditional worship. Contact the Institute for Worship Studies, PO. Box 894, Wheaton, IL 60189; (708) 510-8905.

Warwick, NY, September 14, 1996
"Vital Reformed Worship," a workshop sponsored by the the Orange and Mid-Hudson Classes of the Reformed Chuch in America. Keynote address by RW editor Emily Brink. Contact Lorraine Otterbein, Warwick Center, PO Box 349, Warwick NY 10990; (914) 986-1164.

Nashville, TN, October 6-9, 1996
Organ and Chora! Workshop with Michael Velting, Wlma Jensen, and Angela Tipps. Master classes in Baroque and French romantic organ music, organ service piaying, choral techniques. Contact Martha S. Pilchen (615) 340-7587 (8:30 A.M.-4:30 RM.) or (615) 646-8212 (6:00 RM.-7:00 A.M.) at the Scarritt-Bennett Center, 1008 19th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37212-2166.

Nashville, TN, October 27-30, 1996
"Let die Amen Sound from the People Again," a workshop with practical how-tos of worship pianning through liturgy music, visuals, preaching, and teaching. Contact Martha S. Pilcher, (615) 340-7587 (8:30 A.M.-4:30 RM.) or (615) 646-8212 (6:00 RM.-7:00 A.M.) at the Scarritt-Bennett Center, 1008 19th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37212-2166.

Grand Rapids, MI, January 10-11, 1997
Tenth Annual Symposium on Worship and Church Music at Calvin College, with Elizabeth Achtermeier, David Cherwien, Marva Dawn, Steve Pederson, and John Yarrington. Contact Department of Music, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Ml 49546; (616) 957-6253; fax (616) 957-6266.


To help the increasing numbers of people who are taking worship leadership roles, CRC Publications is developing a series of pamphlets. Pastors and worship committees will want to have supplies on hand to give to those who have been asked to...

Read Scripture, by Harvey A. Smit
Lead in Prayer, by Timothy J. Mulder
Sing a Solo, by John D. Witvliet
Present a Group Reading, by Jerelyn Schelhaas
Develop a Worship Team, by Robert Castle
Give the Children's Message, by Jessie Schut

These first six pamphlets will be available in October; to order call 1-800-333-8300 (US); 1-800-263-4252 (CAN). Prices to be announced.


We have received several requests for planning resources for small group worship settings. If your church has developed such resources, RW would appreciate getting copies. Please mail them to us at Reformed Worship, 2850 Kalamazoo Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49560, or send them on the Internet ( Thanks!

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