Book: A Child Shall Lead: Children in Worship

John D. Witvliet, Editor. ©1999 by Choristers Guild (CGBK64;; published in cooperation with the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (; distributed by the Lorenz Corp., 501 E. Third St., Box 802, Dayton, OH 45401. 125 pp. $19.95. Reviewed by Carrie Vroege, Prospect Park, New Jersey.

Do you need help getting children interested in worship? Here is an excellent, practical sourcebook for such involvement. The book is divided into four helpful parts:

The first has many articles on the purpose for children’s involvement in and leadership of worship. These articles

  • provide positive philosophies on involving children in a large variety of worship activities.
  • challenge preconceived notions of children’s roles in worship while giving affirmative reasons for what these roles should be.
  • give ideas on how to deal with difficult, real-life situations that might occur when children participate more fully in worship.

The second and third parts of this collection are brimming with practical examples and concepts. These pages guide the pastor, choir director, church musician, and church school leader in introducing children to their role in worship. They help make learning about worship and learning to lead worship meaningful to children (and possibly to adults too!)

Part three provides actual, usable liturgies, including music, prayers, litanies, and Scripture that can be used throughout the church year.

Part four contains an annotated bibliography that points one to other resources on the topic of children in worship.

Leafing through this work and then sitting down for a more in-depth look, one will certainly find, as I have, that A Child Shall Lead presents ample ways to teach and facilitate learning. Every denomination’s librarians, pastors, educators, and musicians should have this book—not on their shelves, but in their hands!

Reformed Worship 57 © September 2000, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Used by permission.