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E-Book: 25 Ways to Become a More Successful Church Musician

David Schaap, editor. Kingston, NY: Selah Publishing Company, 2003. Available without charge online from Selah’s home page,, or directly at http://selah

Shortly after graduating from Calvin College in 1986, David Schaap set out to realize a dream of starting a publishing company devoted to church music. Now with a sizable catalog of many hymnals and anthems, Selah Publishing Company is a respected name among church musicians.

One of their offerings is a gift—a small e-book of collected wisdom from twenty-five church musicians. Some entries are only a paragraph long, others a page or two; all are followed by biographical information. These comments offer wisdom and encouragement from some of the best-known leaders of church music in North America today, plus one “submitted” posthumously by John Wesley—his famous “Directions for Singing,” appropriately included in this 300th anniversary of his birth.