Choosing a Solid Rock

A New Year's Eve Service

This New Year’s Eve service is really a series of three services connected by music sung by the congregation. Each section focuses on a different part of the Old Year or New Year.

In the first section we thank God for what he has done for us in the past. In the second section we ask God to forgive us as we enter into a New Year, and in the third section we are reminded to start out the New Year with a solid foundation. Each section consists of songs, Scripture
readings, a short reflection on the topic and the Scripture reading, and prayer.

The times of prayer, begun by the pastor, are followed by a time of silent prayer accompanied by a prayer station activity. For the first prayer station, worshipers are invited to come forward and light candles in memory of something God has done for them over the past year. For the second prayer station, the congregation has the opportunity to write their names on slips of paper and bury them in a bowl of sand, signifying
God’s forgiveness of our sins. For the third prayer station, the congregation is invited to come to the front and choose a rock from a large number of rocks that have been spread out over the floor. This rock is a reminder to build the new year on God, the solid rock. The prayer sections end with a short corporate prayer led by the pastor.


Welcome and explanation of the service’s flow.

Thanking God for the Past Year


“O God, Our Help in Ages Past” CH 686, PsH 170, WR 84
“Great Is Thy Faithfulness” CH 139, PsH 556, SWM 194, TH 32, WR 72


Psalm 100; 1 Corinthians 1:4-9

Meditation: “So Much to Be Thankful For”

Prayer and Reflection

During this time the congregation is invited to come to the front and light a candle in memory of how God has blessed them over the past year.

Asking God to Forgive Our Sins


“In Christ Alone”
“Hide Me in Your Holiness”
“He Knows My Name”


Nehemiah 9:5b-37; Luke 5:17-26

Meditation: “God Forgives Us By Name”

Prayer and Reflection

During this time, members of the congregation are invited to come to the front, and write their names on pieces of paper, and bury the papers in a pot of dirt or sand.

Giving Our Future to God


“The Solid Rock” CH 526, WR 405
“Firm Foundation” WR 410

Joshua 4:1-9; Matthew 7:24-27

Meditation: “God, the Solid Rock”

Prayer and Reflection

During this time the congregation is invited to come to the front and choose a rock to take home as a reminder of God, the solid rock.


Sung Benediction

“My Friends, May You Grow in Grace” SNC 288, SFL 234


Rev. Bret Lamsma is an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church and currently serves as the director of faith formation at First Christian Reformed Church in Denver, Colorado.

Reformed Worship 85 © September 2007 Worship Ministries of the Christian Reformed Church. Used by permission.