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Children and Worship at Colam

The workshops on children and worship at the Conference on Liturgy and Music at Redeemer College were to be led by Melody Takken-Meeter. However, due to a recent move, she will be unable to attend the conference.



First Christian Reformed Church of Denver, Colorado, uses the Hymn of the Month information from Reformed Worship in a creative way. Every month the church newsletter, the Parish Pulse, includes the background information from RW on the song for that month, and a member of the church creates a Hymn of the Month poster to display in the church.


Presbyterian Conferences

1991 conferences scheduled around the new Presbyterian Hymnal and the Directory for Worship of the Presbyterian Church (USA): January 14-16, Princeton, NJ; February 18-20, Austin, TX; April 18-20, Minneapolis, MN; April 25-27, San Diego, CA; May 1-3, Chicago, IL; May 9-11, Louisville, KY

Contact: Theology and Worship Unit, Room 3406, Presbyterian Center, 100 Witherspoon St., Louisville, KY 40202, (502) 569-5289


Master Arts Festival

October 5-6,1990, Grand Rapids, MI. For pastors, drama directors, worship coordinators, and other creative church leaders. At Calvin College. Contact: Master Arts Company, P.O.Box 9336, Grand Rapids, MI 49509, (616) 531-5020.



The staff of Reformed Worship is delighted and proud to announce that we received three awards at the annual meeting of the Associated Church Press (ACP), a group established to promote fellowship and foster helpfulness among editors and publishers of Christian periodicals and to stimulate higher standards of religious journalism. RW submitted entries in eleven of the thirty possible categories and competed with eighty other newspapers and periodicals for the awards. We were honored with the following: