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Worship Study Programs

Brochures for two different worship study programs were recently sent to the RW office.

"Exploring the Dimensions of Worship" is a seminar for members and leaders of the local church. The seminar, intended for a weekend retreat, is led by Dr. Paul Engle, an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America. For brochure contact: Bible Discovery Seminars, 2545 Berwyck SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506,(616949-0523).


Index to Reformed Worship

As you continue to use RW for worship planning, you may find an index helpful. We have compiled an index by subject and author, and we plan to update this index after each issue so that a cumulative running index will always be available for a small fee. To receive your copy of the index, please send $3.00 US or $3.50 CDN to Reformed Worship Index, 2850 Kalamazoo Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, MI, 49560.


Hymn-Tune Competition

Hymn-tune competition in celebration of the 150th anniversary of an urban church in the Reformed tradition. Tune to be composed for the winning text entry. Deadline for hymn tune: December 1,1989. For the text and details, contact: Hymn Competition, Central Reformed Church, 10 College NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, (616) 459-3260.



May 16-19, 1989, Toronto, ON
Worship '89, A Liturgical Symposium: Daily Prayer through the week from Sunday to Sunday. Speakers: Elaine Ramshaw, Paul Bradshaw. Sponsored by the Canadian Liturgical Society at the Scarborough Campus of the University of Toronto. Contact: Rev. L. R. Likness, 25 Old York Mills Road, Willowdale, ON M2P 1B5, (416) 488-9430.

Paying the Piper: Readers Respond

In Reformed Worship 9 we invited readers to respond to the article 'Paying the Piper." Many of you took the time to respond, some in greater detail than we could include here. But judging by the responses that follow, there is considerable need for more discussion and reflection on the issue of compensation for church musicians. (Some names have been withheld at the request of the authors.)