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Songs for the Ascended Christ and the Descending Spirit

Why This Dark Conspiracy/Psalm 2; Wordless, Ancient Earth’s Foundations; Lord, Fill My Whole Heart with Love; May the Love of the Lord

Why This Dark Conspiracy/Psalm 2

Psalm 2 may be best known through that famous aria in Handel’s Messiah in which the bass thunders and the strings shudder: “Why do the nations so furiously rage together? And why do the peoples imagine a vain thing?”

Songs for Lent, Good Friday, and Easter

There in God's Garden; When the Son of God Was Dying; Honduran Alleluia; See, What a Morning

The seasons of Lent and Easter bring countless images of our Lord’s suffering, passion, and resurrection. What better way to capture the significance of this image-rich season than through these songs with their rich texts and music?

Songs for the Christmas Cycle

Psalm 126/When God Restored Our Common Life; In the Heavens There Shone a Star; Psalm 30/I Will Praise You, O God; Psalm 111/The Fear of the Lord

Every year Christians celebrate the two great festivals of Christmas and Easter that give meaning to our lives: Christ’s coming to earth in human form and in humility, and Christ’s return to his Father in a glorified human body. This year, Advent begins on November 27 with the Scripture passages in the Revised Common Lectionary for Year B.

Sing a Song of Celebration!

Je louerai l’Éternel/Praise, I Will Praise You, Lord; Blessed Be Your Name; Joy to the World

The Christian church has a reputation for being a bit stodgy. Our worship seldom attracts criticism for being too joyful or too exuberant—indeed, if we had to make a biblical comparison, many of us would be forced to admit that our worship is closer to Eutychus falling asleep “as Paul talked on and on” (Acts 20:9) than to “the roar of a great multitude” (Rev. 19:1).