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Songs for the Season

Introducing Graham Kendrick

We usually provide three hymns in "Songs for the Season" (formerly "Hymn of the Month"). But for this issue we've asked Bert Polman to introduce us to Graham Kendrick, the composer of "Shine, Jesus, Shine," a hymn that has become enormously popular since Kendrick wrote it less than ten years ago.

Who is Graham Kendrick, and what else has he written?

Songs for the Season

When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives" (Matt. 26:30). As Christ and his disciples sang a hymn following the Passover, let us, in this season of remembrance and celebration, sing hymns with voices united to the risen and ascended Lord.


Songs for the Season


When Luther began to prepare songs for congregational singing, he composed some and translated others. One of the first hymns the reformer chose goes all the way back to the fourth-century Ambrose, often called the father of Latin hymnody.