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Sing to the Lord a New Song

A Service for Dedicating a New Songbook

Although this service was used for the dedication of Sing! A New Creation, it could also be used as a pattern for the dedication of other songbooks, or simply as a stand-alone service on Psalm 98. A lay person read the Psalm passages and an elder read the prayers. —JH

Reading: Psalm 67:3

Sing to the Lord a New Song

Reading: Psalm 98:1

“Sing a New Song” SNC 1, WR 10
“We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise” CH 213, SNC 12, WR 651

Praying Through the Psalms

An Evening Psalm Festival

At a summer planning meeting on her back porch, Laura Smit, Dean of the Chapel at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, mentioned a Psalm Festival she had done with her church in Boston—all 150 Psalms in one night. That sounded like a great project for Calvin College.

Singing Through the Christian Year

A Reprise of Choral Anthems

Our church follows the seasons of the Christian year and the lectionary Scripture passages, changing banners and colors accordingly. When we planned a service called “Singing Through the Christian Year,” it provided us with the opportunity to “walk through” the Christian year in one evening and to reprise many of the choir anthems we had learned and used in services over the past year.

Taking It to the Streets

A Prayer Walk Worship Service

When Steve Caton gets that glint in his eye and I see that hint of a smile working around the edges of his mouth, I know he has something unusual in mind.

Steve, the Director of Worship and Arts at Covenant Life Church, had just stuck his head in my door and said, “How about if we have the congregation go out into the community for some kind of service activity on that Sunday?” I knew exactly which day he was talking about: an upcoming Sunday when he and many key members of our worship leadership team would be out of town.

He Is Risen Indeed!

A Service of Restoration and Renewal

We Celebrate Creation

God looked into emptiness and created all that is.
God spread out the earth in its diversity
with mountains and valleys, rivers and fertile plains.
There were patches of flood and fire,
of dryness and of vivid green,
embraced by the wind and sea,
a sun-filled landscape of hospitality.
And threading through it all, like weavings of golden hope,
were dreams of justice and compassion
and gentle streams of peace.
God gathers all repentant people into communion,