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In Christ Alone

A Profession of Faith Service Using Font, Pulpit, and Table

The following service was planned by David Rylaarsdam for the profession of faith of his 10-year-old son, Andrew. The service clearly connects profession of faith with baptism and uses the font, pulpit, and table to lead Andrew through his profession of faith.




Song: “Be Still, for the Presence” SNC 11

Call to Worship (from RW 27:42)

The Longest Night

A Service of Remembrance, Consolation, and Assurance

The Gathering

Our service will begin with fifteen minutes of contemplative music for healing. During this time you are invited to come forward and light votive candles as a visible sign of your prayer(s) of remembrance and hope.

Lighting Candles for Others, Ourselves, and Our World

Music for Healing

Hymn: “Jesus, Remember Me” PsH 217, SFL 168, SNC 143, WR 285

A Service of Light

For Christmas or Epiphany

All the readings and music in this service intentionally focus on light; the service is appropriate for Christmas Eve, Christmas, or Epiphany. Multiple songs are listed; we encourage you to choose songs that would work best in your worship setting.




All-Night Worship

One Congregation's Version for Dwelling in God's Presence

"I want more of that!” a toddler loudly asserted during the children’s worship time one Sunday morning. She had just eaten bread during “the feast,” and her appetite had been whetted. Those nearby smiled, the meaning not lost on them. Many in this congregation had a similar desire to experience more, in particular more of God’s nearness through extended times of worship. A typical Sunday service is just a snack. They wanted to feast.


A Retirement Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration for Ministry

We Gather

A Prayer of Thanksgiving for Ministry
[This prayer is included in the bulletin for people to pray during the preservice music. Worship begins when entering the worship space.]