Children's Music for Lent and Easter

Through music we have the privilege of teaching children and helping them understand more fully the heritage and theology of the church as well as the meaning and order of the liturgical year. The music listed on this page may be sung in unison by children and incorporated within the worship service as a call to worship, a call to prayer, a response to prayer, the offertory (children's gift of music), or a response to the benediction.

For God So Loved the World   
Standard Publishing, VBS, 1984
Also Psalter Hymnal 219, st. 2,4
He Gave His Life for You   
Sing & Celebrate for Kids II
Word Publishing
I'll Tell the World of God's Great Love
Standard Publishing, VBS, 1976
Lenten Carol
Sacred Music Press, 58638
Oh, How He Loves You and Me  
(st. 2, Jesus to Calvary Did Go)
Hymns for the Family of God
Paragon Associates, Inc.
Part of the Plan
Sunday Songbook
Hinshaw, HMBT02  
Hosanna, Hosanna  
We Come to Praise Him
Choristers Guild
Hosanna, Sing
Flammer, Inc. F-5020
Hosanna to the King of Kings
Choristers Guild R-39
On Humble Beast
Concordia 96-2716
See the King Come Riding
Choristers Guild A-184
The King of Glory  
Psalter Hymnal, 1987, 370
(a coda for this hymn can be found
in Sounds of Living Waters, Eerdmans)
He is Risen
Choristers Guild R-21
This Is a Holy Day
Augsburg 96-2809
This Is the Day 
Sunday Songbook
Hinshaw HMB-102

Hymn Suggestions (to memorize)

1. Alleluia, Alleluia! Give Thanks
Psalter Hymnal 402 (It is possible to change the order of the verses: st. 5 could be a call to praise, st. 2 a response to the benediction)
2.Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
Psalter Hymnal 388
Rejoice in the Lord 325
Trinity Hymnal 205
(provides an opportunity to learn the meaning of singing antiphonally or to learn more about Charles Wesley)
3.I Serve a Risen Savior
Psalter Hymnal 405
4.Low in the Grave Christ Lay
Psalter Hymnal 396
Trinity Hymnal 206
5.Good Christians All, Rejoice and Sing
Psalter Hymnal 397
Rejoice in the Lord 326
6.He Is Lord
Psalter Hymnal 633 (As a response: first time prayerfully; second time triumphantly)

Charlotte Larsen is music director of Ann Arbor (Mich.) Christian Reformed Church.


Reformed Worship 10 © December 1988, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Used by permission.