Children’s Pages for the Christian Year

Lent and Easter


Lent is a time of getting ready for Easter. Its color is purple. Purple reminds us that even though Jesus is King of the whole world he still chose to die for each of us. To help us remember what Jesus did, Christians will spend time fasting, praying, and giving. Then we will be ready to celebrate the good news that Jesus rose from the dead and so will we!

Lenten Practices


Fasting means giving something up. Is there something in your life that you want to stop, give up, or walk away from to help make more room in your life for Jesus? Some people choose to give up sweet treats or TV shows—not because these things are bad, but because giving them up reminds us that Jesus is the only thing we really need.


Can you name all the things that God has given you? The biggest gift we’ve received is Jesus dying to save us. That’s why in Lent we pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help us to be generous with the things God has given us. Can you think of something you could give on Easter Sunday to celebrate God’s gifts to you?


During Lent, we are encouraged to spend more time in prayer. There are many different ways we can pray and talk with God. Here are a few:

Prayer Walk—As you walk, say thanks for the beauty and goodness you see and pray for places where God’s help is needed.

Prayer Art—Create some art while you talk to God.

Prayer Writing—Write your prayer down as a letter to God or as a poem or song.

Listening Prayer—Read a Bible verse and then ask God what God would like to say to you about it. Wait quietly. What would you like to say to God?


Did you know Easter isn’t just one day, but fifty days? It’s six weeks of Sundays plus all the days in between. The color of Easter is white or gold. During this time, we celebrate Jesus’ life with his friends after he arose, the fact that Jesus is still with us now, and that Jesus’ resurrection has made everything new.

“Alleluia, Christ is risen! The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!”

This is called an Easter acclamation. It’s a shout of praise that Jesus is no longer dead. Many churches will say this phrase all through Easter. What does your church do to celebrate that Jesus is alive?

The Emmaus Road Easter Calendar

Do you ever wonder what else happened on the day Jesus rose from the dead? He took a long walk. I wonder if his muscles felt tight from three days of lying in that tomb. I wonder if it felt good for him to get up and stretch his legs. What do you wonder about? Sometime on Easter Sunday, or the week after, read the story of Jesus’ Easter walk to Emmaus in Luke 24:13-35. What were Jesus’ disciples wondering about? What do you think Jesus was teaching them? Can you use Legos, clay or draw a picture about what you think Jesus may have said? There is one passage and one activity for each week of Easter.

Easter 1

John 20:1–18 or Mark 16:1–8

Activity: Read this week’s Scripture passage and make a piece of art inspired by Jesus’ resurrection. Send it to someone you know who could be encouraged by the reminder that Jesus is alive!

Easter 2

John 20:19–31

Activity: John says he wrote his gospel so that we would believe that Jesus is the Savior. Make a video of yourself celebrating something Jesus has done in your life. Share it with someone you know.

Easter 3

Luke 24:36–48

Activity: Think of people you know who may feel worried or afraid for different reasons. Each day, pray that they will know Jesus’ peace with them in the midst of hard or scary things. Think about calling them or emailing them to let you know you prayed for them.

Easter 4

John 10:11–18

Activity: Memorize John 10:14–15. How does it make you feel to know that Jesus is the good shepherd? What does that remind you of?

Easter 5

John 15:1–8

Activity: Go outside and look at a tree or plant that is growing. Think about how the plant takes in water from the roots, and the leaves, flowers, or fruit grow because they are connected to the stem, branches, or trunk. I wonder what it means to be connected to Jesus. Write or draw what you think.

Easter 6

John 15:9–17

Activity: In this passage, Jesus calls us his friends. I wonder how it feels to know that you are one of Jesus’ friends. Write, draw, or make something in response to the knowledge that Jesus loves you and calls you his friend. Whom would you like to share that with?


Lindsey Goetz is a children’s minister at First Presbyterian Church of Aurora, Illinois. She is a co-founder of, where she creates resources for families and churches for wonder-filled, theologically-rich faith formation. Word & Wonder’s The Gospel Story Hymnal will be published in the fall of 2023.

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