Thanks for beginning my RW subscription. And kudos on your work! I deeply appreciated RW 6—especially the Perspectives. I particularly valued the articles on fasting and the Pascal Vigil and the gem on the Ash Wednesday service.

Herman E. Luben
New York, New York

Forgotten Tradition

In reference to your article "Fasting" in RW 6,I would like to point out that the Westminster Standards do give instructions concerning public fasting.

First, the Westminster Confession of Faith, in chapter XXI, paragraph V, says, "… besides religious oaths and vows, solemn fastings, and thanksgivings upon special occasions, which are, in their several times and seasons, to be used in a holy and religious manner." Obviously, the Presbyterian members of NAPARC do have confessional instructions concerning public fasting.

Second, the Westminster Directory for the Publick Worship of God has a section called "Concerning Publick Solemn Fasting." This section gives grounds for, and instructions concerning, fasting as a public form of worship.

Hence, it is clear that if those in the Presbyterian branch of the Reformed faith do not engage in public fasting, it is not because it is not in our tradition but rather because we have forgotten the tradition".

LeRoy E. Miller
Caney, Kansas

Better and Better

Reformed Worship seems to achieve a higher level of excellence with every issue. Content, format, and eye appeal combine to make your publication both beautiful and useful in the church.

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