Appreciates Advent Resources

Thank you for the Advent series in the September 1989 issue. I find these kinds of resources very helpful. I suspect that a lot of worship services will be similar this year! At least I know of two other pastors in this area who said they are using your materials. The bulletin covers are a real neat idea too.

Thank you for helping us plan effective services. Personally, I guess I am going against the grain in the CRC today, at least as represented by RW. That is, the trend seems to be toward more high church, while I prefer to add some more of the charismatic worship emphases, but I still find your magazine useful and interesting.

Dennis Kamper
Greeley, CO

A Positive Cancellation

Please cancel our subscription. We are delighted that our church now orders several copies, and we will order our subscription through the church.

Keep up the good work! We really appriciate RW and look forward to each issue. May God bless you all!

Jerry and Mary Ann Kingma
Strathroy, ON

Sounding Board and Guiding Light

It is often helpful for worship leaders to know how things are done in other churches. Sharing ideas, liturgies, and resources stimulates positive changes while affirming valid practices. Reformed Worship does much to facilitate this needed dialogue in matters liturgical. Thank you.

Fine articles like Howard Hageman's "Chalice and Loaf or Cups and Cubes" do us a further service. Hageman lays out a vision of what worship (in this case one element of worship, the Eucharist) can and should be. His ideas which are, ironically, new to many Reformed congregations, are based on historical validity and theological soundness. Articles like these show that Reformed Worship can be more than a sounding board; it can also be a guiding light.

May you continue your fine work and continue to solicit articles that lead us to greener liturgical pastures.

Randall Engle
Palos Heights, IL

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