Book: Gather the Children. Celebrate the Word with Ideas, Activities, Prayers & Projects

by Mary Catherine Berglund. The Pastoral Press, 1987. 137 pp.

Gather the Children, a Roman Catholic resource, places more emphasis on Scripture than do most Protestant books on children and worship. The book is intended for "children's church," the period when children leave the sanctuary, but Berglund clearly expects them to return for the eucharist.

The book is arranged according to the lectionary readings (Cycle A) for each Sunday of the year. It supplies brief commentary on the gospel lesson (and sometimes on the other lessons), geared to children's understanding, and worship activities to accompany the lesson. A supplement includes music selections for each Sunday—and marvelous suggestions they are. (Cycle C is also available.)

Harry Boonstra ( is former theological editor of RW and emeritus theological librarian of Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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