Theme Issue on Children in Worship

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Several helpful RW subscribers have submitted resources they developed in using the Psalter Hymnal (PsH). In addition, the CRC Worship Committee has worked on two combined liturgies. To receive any of these resources, just write us and ask.

Big Impact

I wonder if you realize how much your quarterly publication is admired. At classis I asked how many use it and was happy to see so many hands go up. Comments are so favorable, and you are making a nation-(continent?) wide impact. Thank you.

Gladys Niewsma
Calvary CRC
Pella, lowa

Today we celebrate the greatness of our God—the one who created us with minds to learn, gave us the abilities to master skills, and opens our hearts to understand that all learning is for his glory. We ask each person worshiping here today, whether four or eighty-four, to stand as we now celebrate schooling in this "Litany of Learning."

Why the RCA said yes to baptized children at the Lords Supper

Should children be permitted at the Lord's table?

Thirty years ago that question would not have come up in most evangelical churches. But today many churches have studied that question seriously (see box). And many members of these churches believe baptized children should be allowed and encouraged to participate in the Lord's Supper./p>

Why this shift in thinking? What has prompted the discussion? What issues are at stake?

A challenge to include children in all our worship activities

by Patricia Nederveld

Dear Lord God,
I pray to
You every day
For what I need
And you give it to me.
I will keep on praising
Your name.
Jesus, I love You.
"A Psalm of Jasmine"

Using the church year to teach the mighty acts of God

Dirk is five. He wiggles a lot in church. Sings some. Talks too much. And doesn't get much out of the sermon. Sometimes a musical instrument, a choir, or a change of banners and colors catches his attention—but not often enough. Usually worship is words and ideas rather than the concrete objects, people, and events that have meaning for children. So Dirk returns to his crayons.

Children's sermons should bring good news rather than grand expectations

The pressure is on. The council has votedyes on the parents'proposal that each morning service include a children's sermon. It's up to the worship committee and the pastor to come up with some topics.

The quickest solution is also one of the worst. It's something we've all witnessed far too often:

My work with children in worship begins from my own narrative — from what I remember of my worship experiences as a child. Like many other Black Baptist churches, the Canaan Baptist Church of Chicago gave children plenty of opportunities to participate actively in worship. We marched down the aisles of our church, singing and swaying to the hymns. We served as junior ushers, escorting parishioners to their pews. We collected money and prayed offertory prayers.