Our church's librarian, Darcy Bulthuis, personally subscribes to your magazine and has made it available to us through the library. As a result, our worship committee, established in the spring of 1988, has made full use of the resources provided by your publication-the litanies, prayers, hymns, and suggestions for dedicating the new Psalter Hymnal. Also, in response to RW articles, we have introduced paraments into our worship experience and have formed two new choirs one to initially teach hymns to the congregation and another to sing the liturgy during special services in the church year.

We have recently purchased a new organ and are looking for material on organ dedications. We know you have requested material from your subscribers for your files and wonder if you would be willing to send us copies of some of these litanies for our use as we plan the dedication service. If there will be a charge, please let me know.

Our thanks for the continued assistance you have given to us through your publication. We are a small church, but we are moving forward and upward!

Alida A. Bulthuis
Fountain Valley, CA

Editors Note: We're glad to send sample copies of materials we have in our files at no charge to our subscribers, but we would appreciate it if you included a self-addressed stamped envelope with your request.

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