Save the Butterfly

The life cycle of the butterfly has long been used by Christian artists to symbolize the metamorphosis of giving up the former self to receive a new nature in Christ. In RW 22, Louis Lotz refers to the body as the "cocoon" and the soul as the "butterfly," and condemns using the butterfly symbol based on such an interpretation.

To a Christian artist, the cocoon is the location in which the metamorphosis takes place. The caterpillar is the old nature, and the butterfly that emerges is a more beautiful and renewed version of the old nature. A Christian, like a butterfly, can rise up with wings of victory because of the wings of freedom Christ has given him/her. Next time you see a butterfly, thank God for his Son and for butterflies—don't "stomp on it"!

Peggy DeVries
Strathroy, Ontario

Banner for Thanksgiving

As a worship committee member at First CRC of Langley, I receive Reformed Worship and greatly appreciate my growing collection as a resource I turn to often. On the worship committee, I am specifically responsible for visuals, a task I presently share with member Jan Farenhorst. Enclosed is a photo of one of our contributions from the past year.

Our church has a thanksgiving tradition of creating displays that represent the goodness of harvest time and the good gifts within our congregation. This year we created a storehouse wall-hanging made out of art paper. (The idea itself is not original; it was inspired by an illustration in Jane Ray's Noah's Ark.) Two of our children created the border. The wallhanging was placed at the front center of the sanctuary and harvest time items arranged to the side.

God's continued blessing on your work.

Jenny deGroot
Langley, British Columbia<

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