Organ Music for Funerals: A selected bibliography of organ collections

All Glory, Laud, and Honor (D. Johnson, AF 11-5085)
(Organ Music for Manuals)
-The Strife is O'er  E
-A Mighty Fortress E
-O God, Our Help In Ages Past E
Ancient Melodies and Hymn Tunes for Church Use (A. Couper, FL 3865)  
-Our Restless Spirit Yearns for Thee
(Sun of My Soul)
-Jesus is My Haven Sure E
-Psalm 42 E
Church Organist's Golden Treasury, The (Various, DITSON)  
Vol.1 E-M-D
-Hark! A Voice Saith, All Are Mortal
-In God, My Faithful God Out of the Depths I Cry to Thee
-Lamb of God Our Saviour
-Psalm 42 (Comfort, Comfort)
-Christ is my Life's Salvation
Vol. 2
-Jesus, Priceless Treasure
-Jesus Christ, My Sure Defense
Vol. 3
-O Jesus, So Meek, O Jesus, So Mild
-O Man, Bemoan Thy Grievous Fall
-O World, I Now Must Leave Thee
-Whate'er My God Ordains Is Right
-When My Last Hour Is Close at Hand
-If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee
Diane Bish Organ Book, The (D. Bish, FB -G0548)  E-M-D
Vol. 1
-Amazing Grace
-A Mighty Fortress
-Fairest Lord Jesus
-My Jesus, I Love Thee
-Nearer My God to Thee
-Rock of Ages
-Abide with Me
- Children of the Heavenly Father
Eleven Chorale Preludes (J. Brahms, GRAY) E-D
-My Jesus Calls Me
-O World I Now Must Leave Thee (2)
-My Faithful Heart Rejoices
-Blessed Are Ye Faithful Souls
Eight Hymn Preludes (A. Lovelace, AF 11-9144)  E-M
-Oh, For a Thousand Tongues
-Jesus Calls Us
-O Love that Will Not Let Me Go
-Rock of Ages
Eighty (80) Chorale Preludes (H. Keller, PETERS 4448)  
-All Men Living Are But Mortal, Pachelbel  M
-For Me to Live Is Jesus, Pachelbel E
-Christus, Der 1st Mein Leben, Reger
(Abide with Us, Dear Jesus)
Five Organ Preludes for Advent and Christmas (R. Haan, FL 5094)  
-Psalm 42 E
-Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus 
Hymntune Sketches (Nelson, AF 11-9209)  
-Children of the Heavenly Father   E
-Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus  E
King of Love, The (Nine Contemplative Pieces for Organ) (R. Haan, SMP KK277) E-M
-The King of Love My Shepherd Is Amazing Grace
-'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
-Abide with Me
Liturgical Year, The (Bach/Riemenschneider, DITSON) M-D
-Hark! A Voice Saith, All Are Mortal
-He Who Will Suffer God to Guide Him
-In Peace and Joy I Now Depart
-Jesus, Priceless Treasure
-When in the Hour of Utmost Need
Music for Worship (D. Johnson, AF 11-9295)  
-Psalm 42 E-D
-Jesus Christ, My Sure Defense E
Nine Chorale Preludes (Jean Pasquet, SMP)  E-M
-Christ, the Life of All the Living
(Jesu, meines Lebens Leben)
-Psalm 42 (Freu dich sehr)
Organ Compositions, Vol. 1 (O. Christiansen, AF)  
-My God How Wonderful Thou Art E-M
-Lamb of God, Pure, Holy E
-Beautiful Saviour  E-M
Organ Music for Funerals and Memorial Services (W. Held, AF 11-7625)
Book I (14 selections including:)
-Abide with Me
-But the Lord Is Mindful of His Own
-Come, Sweet Death
-Deep River
-For All the Saints
-Now Thank We All Our God
-O God, Thou Faithful God
-O Sorrow Deep
-Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Book II (10 selections including:)
-Blest Be the Tie that Binds
-Hallelujah Chorus (Simplified)
-O Lord, Now Let Your Servant Depart
in Heavenly Peace
-O World, I E'en Must Leave Thee
-A Mighty Fortress
O Worship the King (R. Haan, B 4570-42)  E-M
-Beautiful Saviour
-How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds
-Jerusalem My Happy Home
-Jesus, Still Lead On
-Jesus, The Very Thought of Thee
-The Lord's My Shepherd
Parish Organist, The (T. Gieschen, CON 97-1446) E-M-D
-Music for Funerals and Memorial Services
(16 Hymns and Chorale Settings
covering a variety of styles)
Parish Organist, The (H. Fleischer, CON 97-1145) E-M-D
Vol. 1
- Abide, O Dearest Jesus (For me to live is Jesus)
-Abide With Me
-A Mighty Fortress
-God Moves in a Mysterious Way (Almighty God)
Vol. 2
-Christ, the Life of All the Living (CON 97-1151)
Vol. 3
-Jesus, Lead Thou On
-How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds
-O God Our Help
-O World I Now Must Leave Thee (Now Rest. . .)
Vol. 4
-If Thou But Suffer God To Guide Thee (CON 97-1157)
-When in The Hour of Utmost Need
Seven Classic Preludes on Old Chorals (Garth Edmundson, J.F./BELWIN) E-M-D
-Prelude on a Chorale of Bach
(If You But Trust in God to Guide You)
-Then Above the Righteous Shine Forth—Elijah
-He Shall feed His Flock—Come Unto Him—Missial
Seven Improvisations on Hymn and Folk Tunes (Hokanson, AF 82555) E-M
-O Jesus so Meek, O Jesus so Mild
-Children of the Heavenly Father
-In Heavenly Love Abiding
Solemn Occasions and Memorial Services, Vol. 10 (Karg-Elert, MARKS) M
-I Long For Thee, O Lord
-Come, Sweet Death
-Abide with Me
Ten Chorale Improvisations (P. Manz, CON 97-4554) E-M-D
Vol. 1
-Psalm 42 (Comfort, Comfort)
-What God Ordains Is Always Good
Vol. 2
-Abide, O Dearest Jesus
Vol. 3
-Jesus, Priceless Treasure
-O God, Thou Faithful God
Vol. 4
-O Christ, Thou Lamb of God
Vol. 5
-If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee
-Jesus Christ, My Sure Defense
-Jesus, Priceless Treasure
-Jesus, Thy Church with Longing Eyes
Vol. 6
-O World, I Now Must Leave Thee
Ten Hymn Preludes Set (H. Willan, PETERS 6011)   M
-The King of Love
-Jesus, Lover of My Soul
Ten Hymn Tune Voluntaries Bond II (Henry Coleman, Stainer and Bell)
(Galaxy Music Corp)
The King of Love My Shepherd Is (St. Columba)  
Ten Short Preludes (R. Warner, CF 03950)
God Moves in a Mysterious Way
This Is The Victory (C.W. Cassler, AF 11-9497) E-M-D
(14 selections including:)
-A Mighty Fortress
-For All the Saints
-God's Time Is Best
-He Who Would Valiant Be
-O Know that My Redeemer Liveth
-Jesus, My Heart's Delight
-The Strife Is O'er
Thirty Short Chorale Preludes (Reger, PETERS 3980) E-M-D
-A Mighty Fortress
-Psalm 42 (Comfort, Comfort)
-If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee
-Jesus Christ, My Sure Defense
-Now Rest Beneath Night's Shadow
-O God, Thou Faithful God
-What God Ordains Is Always Right
-Abide, O Dearest Jesus (For Me to Live Is Jesus)
Twenty Hymn-Tune Preludes (Lang, OX)   E-M
Set I
- O God Our Help in Ages Past
-How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds
-Abide with Me
-The King of Love
-God Moves in a Mysterious Way
Set II
-The King of Love My Shepherd Is
-Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus
Two Sinfonias (Bach/Biggs, GRAY ST C 708) M
-God's Time Is Best
-I Stand at the Threshold of the Grave
Wood Works for Organ (Dale Wood, SMP)   E-M
-Brother James' Air
-Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing (Nettelton)
-Shall We Gather at the River?
-Aria on "Jewels"
-Lord of all Hopefulness (Slane)
Wood Works for Organ, Book 2 (Dale Wood, SMP)  E-M
-My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (Resignation)
-Just as I Am (Woodworth)
-What a Friend We Have in Jesus (Beach Spring)

Key to Publishers

AF Augsburg Fortress
B Broadman Press Key
CF Carl Fischer
CON Concordia
DITSON Oliver Ditson
FB Fred Bock
FL Flammer
J.F. J. Fischer & Bro
MARKS E. Marks
OX Oxford
PETERS C.F. Peters
SMP Sacred Music Press

Key to Letters

E = easy
M = moderate
D = difficult

Martha Tibbe has served for many years as organist for Dykstra Funeral Homes in Holland, Michigan. She also plays occasionally at Harderwyk Christian Reformed Church in Holland.


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