Books: Prayers in Times of Crisis & Prayers During the Night

Liturgy Training Publications, Archdiocese of Chicago, Ill., 2003. 57 pp. $4.00.

When crises come we often find it difficult to pray well. Sometimes we find it hard to pray at all. And very often this problem occurs during the dark hours of the night. These small books of prayers will help us find words to express some of our concerns and groanings. The editors gather prayers from Scripture and other writers, ancient and modern, that we can take on our lips. Here are prayers for protection, guidance, mourning, rebuilding, and thanksgiving. You will also find prayers and readings to calm our nighttime fears and provide peace and light in the darkness. You will have to step over a couple of references to Mary, and avoid a few inclusions from Muslim writings. But those who write and plan prayers for others in worship and those who need words to help them pray will find good resources here. (Other books in the series: Prayers Out of the Depths and Prayers for Expectant Parents.)

Rev. Howard D. Vanderwell (d. 2018) was the Resource Development Specialist of Pastoral Leadership for the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, the author and editor of The Church of All Ages and Caring Worship: Helping Worship Leaders Provide Pastoral Care through the Liturgy, and co-author of Designing Worship Together.

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