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A New Association for Reformed and Liturgical Worship

For several years, Presbyterian liturgical scholar Arlo Duba (an early member of the Reformed Worship editorial council) dreamed of a group for those committed to the advocacy and support for liturgical worship that is “expressive of the historical, ecumenical, and theological convergence that developed in the last decades of the twentieth century.” Last year a group of Reformed/Presbyterian pastors, scholars, and denominational worship staff members from several denominations met to consider the formation of such a group. They have now announced a name and a mission: The Association for Reformed and Liturgical Worship (AR&LW), a voluntary association of congregations and individuals, covenants with God’s help, to cultivate, practice, and promote worship that offers a foretaste of the fullness of God’s reign. This worship is trinitarian, ecumenical, incarnational, and sacramental; it is both universal and local and sends the church to live its liturgy, bringing God’s justice and grace to all of God’s creation.

Charter membership in AR&LW begins at an inaugural gathering in Seattle, Washington, July 3-4, immediately preceding the Institute for Liturgy and Worship at Seattle Pacific University (July 4-9; see conferences, below). For more information about AR&RL contact Keith Watkins (, Fritz West (, or check the website of the Presbyterian Association of Musicians (

Worship Quote of the Week

Brought to you by Carl Stam, Director of the Institute for Christian Worship at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. These regular Tuesday morning messages, sent out by an e-mail list server, contain thoughtful materials that relate to a Christian view of worship or prayer. To subscribe go to


2004 Conferences

Conferences of the Presbyterian Association of Musicians (PAM)
Contact: PAM 888-728-7228, x 5288;;

Montreat, NC, June 20-26 and June 27-July 3 (two identical conferences)
Theme: “Led By the Spirit—The Church in Community”

Westminster, PA, July 11-16
Theme: “Weaving the Tapestry of Worship”

PAM West, September 23-26
Theme: “Equipping the Saints for the New Millennium”

Seattle, WA, July 4-9
“The Transforming Word Spoken, Sung, and Enacted” with Edward Foley, keynote speaker. The Summer Institute for Liturgy and Worship. Contact Gláucia Vasconcelos Wilkey, Director, 206-296-5335;;

Preaching Enhancement Seminars: A Pilot Program at Calvin Theological Seminary

Denver, CO, July 6-10 and October 4-6, 2004,
“Preaching and Intergenerational Pastoral Care,”Howard Vanderwell (The July 6-10 conference is being held in connection with COLAM 2004 “The Church Together: Exploring Intergenerational Worship,”see Notes above.)

Grand Rapids, MI, July 12-16 and October
11-13, 2004, “Engaging with Science on Sunday,” Scott Hoezee.

Palos Heights, IL, July 19-23 and October 18-20, 2004,
“Effective Communication in Preaching,”Duane Kelderman, Sam Hamstra, Annalee Ward. For more information on the above conferences go to

Denver, CO, July 7-10
“The Church Together: Exploring Inter-generational Worship”
Sponsored by The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship,

Collegeville, MN, July 11-15
Annual conference of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada. 1-800-843-4966;;

Wenham, MA, July 11-17
CIVA Summer (Christians in the Visual Arts) Contact: 1-978-867-4124;;

Louisville, KY, July 12-16
A summer workshop on biblical workshop with Harold Best, author of Unceasing Worship: Biblical Perspectives on Worship and the Arts (InterVarsity, 2003) and Bob Kauflin ( Sponsored by the Institute for Christian Worship, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Contact: Carl Stam,

Northfield, MN, July 19-23
St. Olaf Conference on Worship, Theology and the Arts, “Signs of the Holy: Lost
and Found.” Contact: 1-800-726-6523;;

Waco, TX, July 20-23
“Alleluia! Many Voices, One People” sponsored by Baylor University School of Music and the Choristers Guild. Leaders include Craig Courtney, Hal Hopson, Weston Noble, Terry York, and many others. Contact:;

Holland, MI, July 21-23
“Meeting God in Worship: The Heart of Reformed Spirituality” at Western Theological Seminary, sponsored by the Reformed Spirituality Network. Speakers are Martha Moore-Keish, Don Saliers, and John Witvliet. Contact:

Grand Rapids, MI, July 26-30
“Music and the Arts in Christian Worship,” a Calvin Theological Seminary summer course taught by John Witvliet, Director, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. See for more information.

Carl Stam ( is the director of the Institute for Christian Worship at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the part-time minister of music at Louisville’s Clifton Baptist Church. Since 1995, he has distributed a weekly e-mail devotional on worship and prayer, Worship Quote of the Week (


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