Conference on Liturgy and Music (COLAM) 2004
The Church Together: Exploring Intergenerational Worship

Denver, Colorado, July 7-10
Ever wonder how best to minister to the multiple generations in your congregation? Or been frustrated when the needs of one group seem to conflict with another group within your church? How do you go about leading and planning worship for a diverse congregation? Is it possible?

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and a local Denver planning committee have teamed up to plan an intergenerational conference to explore such questions. The goal is to develop biblical, practical, and creative approaches to intergenerational worship—that is, a worship service where all are welcome, and each age group is called to serve and to receive, to listen and to be listened to.

For detailed information on the conference and to register check the ad on the inside front cover or visit

Donate Back Issues of RW

A few years ago we reported on three retiring pastors who donated complete sets of back issues of RW. Those gifts were gratefully received and distributed. We continue to get requests from overseas and libraries who only started subscribing recently and would like complete sets. If any other retiring pastors have back issues they would be willing to donate, please let us know.

Sing! A New Creation Available in Braille

Thanks to a number of volunteers, Faith Alive Christian Resources is glad to announce that a Braille edition of the texts in Sing! is now available (for the same cost as the regular editions; Faith Alive subsidizes Braille copies). Orders must come from a church, not from an individual, and are limited to one copy per church for churches that have purchased at least fifty copies of the regular edition.


Next Theme Issue

The theme for the June 2004 issue will be “Worship in Difficult Times.”

2004 Conferences

Cambridge, MA, April 17
“The Songs of Our Faith: Their Source, Meaning and Purpose.” Ronald Allen, Dallas Theological Seminary Hope Fellowship.

Boston, MA , April 29-May 1
Worship and the Arts 2, Conference and Exhibit. Christian Center for the Arts and Congregacion Leon de Juda. Dr. William Dyrness, Dr. William Spencer. Bilingual (Spanish, English). Dance, Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Theology and the Arts, Multicultural Worship (Hispanic, Anglo, Native American), Worship Leading. Contact: Leonardo Espinosa,, 1-617-341-4455.

Denver, CO, May 1
Conference on Worship and Technology. Third Christian Reformed Church.

Boston, MA, May 15
“Authentic Worship in a Changing World.” Robert Webber, William and Geraldyn Myers.
www.worshiprenewal. com.

Choristers Guild Conferences
and Workshops

For a list of conferences and locations, visit

Rochester, MI, May 24-26
Sermon Seminar on “Performing the Psalms and the World Imagined in Scripture,” with Walter Brueggemann and others. Contact: David Fleer/Seminar 2004, Rochester College, 800 West Avon Road, Rochester Hills, MI 48307; 248-218-2144;

Conferences of the Presbyterian
Association of Musicians

Contact: PAM, 888-728-7228, x5288;;

Montreat, NC, June 20-26 and June 27-July 3 (2 identical conferences)
“Led By the Spirit—The Church in Community”

Westminster, PA, July 11-16
Collegeville, MN, July 11-15

Annual conference of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada.

Seattle, WA, July 4-9
“The Transforming Word Spoken, Sung, and Enacted” with Edward Foley,
keynote speaker. The Summer Institute for Liturgy and Worship. Contact Gláucia Vasconcelos Wilkey, Director, 206-296-5335;;

Preaching Enhancement Seminars: A Pilot Program at Calvin Theological Seminary

Denver, CO, July 6-10 and October 4-6, 2004
“Preaching and Intergenerational Pastoral Care,”Howard Vanderwell (The July 6-10 conference is being held in connection with COLAM 2004 “The Church Together: Exploring Intergenerational Worship,”see Notes above.)

Grand Rapids, MI, July 12-16 and October 11-13, 2004
“Engaging with Science on Sunday,”Scott Hoezee.

Palos Heights, IL, July 19-23 and October 18-20, 2004
“Effective Communication in Preaching,”Duane Kelderman, Sam Hamstra, Annalee Ward. For more information on the above conferences go to

Louisville, KY, July 12-16
A summer workshop on biblical workshop with Harold Best, author of Unceasing Worship: Biblical Perspectives on Worship and the Arts (InterVarsity, 2003) and Bob Kauflin ( Sponsored by the Institute for Christian Worship, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Contact: Carl Stam,

Carl Stam ( is the director of the Institute for Christian Worship at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the part-time minister of music at Louisville’s Clifton Baptist Church. Since 1995, he has distributed a weekly e-mail devotional on worship and prayer, Worship Quote of the Week (


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