Long-term Subscriber from Australia Retires

I have been a recipient of RW for close to twenty years, and during that time have found it to be a great resource for worship. I used much of the material and introduced the magazine to a number of like-minded ministers who also have found RW most beneficial and helpful.

I retired from the active ministry in 1993 and since then have been a “locum” in various parishes; more recently I have not been involved to much extent. Regretfully, I have to now ask if you would cease my subscription. Please be assured that I have always found RW to be great reading, most helpful, and always inspiring.

Thank you for all you have done and no doubt will continue to do in the future. God’s blessings on your work.

Rev. Doug Murray
Croydon, Australia

Editor’s note: We receive many requests from overseas, libraries, and recent subscribers for back issues of RW to complete their set. If your church has duplicate copies or if you are a retiring pastor who does not mind parting with your collection, please consider donating these copies. Your gifts will be gratefully received!

Church Adapts Ideas from RW 74 to
Intergenerational Setting

This year our theme for Lent is “Deadly Sins—Divine Grace,” based on ideas from last December’s issue of RW (pp. 9-15). Each week a tattered, inkstained silk rag is carried in and placed on a six-foot cross near the pulpit; then a brief reading summarizes the sin represented by the rag and the corresponding Christian virtue that is its opposite. We’ve been intentional about using people of all ages for both the carrying and the reading.

According to the suggestion in RW, we will be using the same colors of the rags to make a butterfly that will hang from the ceiling on Easter Sunday. During the Sunday school hour on Palm Sunday, the congregation will also be making individual paper butterflies of different colors to carry forward and attach to the cross during the Easter service (being sure to make enough extra to hand out to visitors that day).

We were also able to easily adapt other ideas from RW 74 for our season of Lent.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor John Keizer
Hope CRC, Rapid City, South Dakota

Using Prayer Weaving with Small Group Bible Study

I am the director of Coffee Break at Inglewood CRC in Edmonton, Alberta, and regularly browse through RW for ideas. We are planning to use the prayer weaving idea from RW 74 in our Coffee Break groups. Prayer is a large part of our meetings, and since we already keep a prayer journal we see how God has answered our many prayers. Thank you so much for the idea.

Karin Van Weelden
Inglewood CRC, Edmonton, Alberta

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