Pentecost Prayer

Pentecost Prayer

Holy Spirit, Lord and Giver of Life:

At the beginning of time you moved over the face of the waters;
you breathe into every living being the breath of life.

Come, Creator Spirit, and renew the whole creation.

Sung Refrain (see p. 37 for music)

Come, Holy Spirit.
Come, Holy Spirit.
Come, Lord, come.

Holy Spirit, voice of the prophets:
You enflame men and women with a passion for your truth,
and through them call your people
to the ways of justice and compassion.

Come, Spirit of Righteousness, and burn in our hearts.


Holy Spirit, Spirit of Jesus:
By your power Jesus came to bring good news to the poor
and release to those held captive.

Come, Liberating Spirit, and free us from the powers of sin and death.


Holy Spirit, Advocate, Teacher:
You speak to us of our Lord
and show us the depth of his love.

Come, Spirit of Truth, abide in us and lead us in the way of Jesus Christ.


Holy Spirit, wind and flame:
You filled disciples with joy and courage,
empowering them to preach your word
and to share your good news.

Come, Spirit of Power, make us bold witnesses of your redeeming love.


Holy Spirit, Spirit of Peace:
You break down barriers of language, race and culture,
and heal the divisions that separate us.

Come, Reconciling Spirit, and unite us all in the love of Christ.


Holy Spirit, Lord and Giver of Life:
At the close of the age
all creation will be renewed to sing your praises.

Come, Creator Spirit, and make us new creations in Jesus Christ.


—John Paarlberg, 1999

John D. Paarlberg is Minister for Social Witness and Worship for the Reformed Church in America.


Reformed Worship 55 © March 2000 Worship Ministries of the Christian Reformed Church. Used by permission.