Book: How Shall We Worship? Biblical Guidelines for the Worship Wars

Marva Dawn. Carol Stream, Ill.: Tyndale, 2003. 191 pp. $8.79.

Marva Dawn’s latest offering shows her persistent desire to connect with a broad spectrum of worshipers and worship leaders, and to offer them help in their important work. In this volume she turns from offering lots of answers to asking insightful questions in order to assist others in thinking more deeply about worship. In each chapter, Dawn observes God’s character and, with the help of Psalm 96, explores a particular question or series of questions about worship. An appendix offers even more helpful points of inquiry. Of course, there are answers here too, but the questions are more often than not thoughtful and genuine and wonderful fodder for individuals and worship committees.

Ron Rienstra is associate professor of preaching and worship arts at Western Theological Seminary and co-author of Worship Words: Discipling Language for Faithful Ministry (Baker Academic, 2009).

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