To a Faithful Choir Member

It is getting near the end of the school year, which also seems to mark the end of choir rehearsals and other regular rehearsals to prepare for worship. As you think of the many people involved with worship over this past season, consider how you might recognize the gifts they have given the church. One idea is to write them a letter, maybe even publishing it in your church’s newsletter. Roger Hicks has provided this one for the faithful choir member.

Dear Choir Member,

Notes, rests, intervals, rhythms, tempos, dynamics, tone, diction, and interpretation are your tools. Your diligent use of these tools has great effect on many lives, bringing them joy and a sense of God’s presence. In fact, God himself is blessed by your singing.

Thank you for the hours you spend in rehearsal. Thank you for those often-hurried dinners, or missed dinners, the juggled family schedules, the late hours; each contributing to effective music ministry.

What a delight it is to see the choir step into the choir loft each Sunday morning. Its buoyant, enthusiastic appearance seems to say, “God is here. Let’s worship!” Sometimes it has not been easy for you to be in your place in the loft. Thank you for being there, especially at those times.

God has indeed blessed you with a beautiful and meaningful ministry. Please accept your talent as a gift from God and your musical ministry as a marvelous medium of God-centered worship.

Thanks to God for giving you the gift of music. Thanks to you for giving much to others through your gift of music.


Those you’ve led in worship

Roger Wayne Hicks, a mostly-retired minister of music, is the author of numerous published articles on church music and church leadership including “To A Faithful Choir Member” in Reformed Worship 119, March 2016. He has also authored four books: Adventure in Music Ministry (Pleasant Word, 2009); Learning More About God Through Scripture and Christian Hymns (Redemption Press, 2020); Making God’s Praise Glorious! (WestBow Press, 2021); and Spiritual Surprises! – Discovering the Spiritual Surprises Found in Hymns (Self published, 2022). Roger and wife, Jean, make their home in Green Valley, Arizona and are members of Valley Presbyterian Church. He can be contacted at

Reformed Worship 119 © March 2016, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Used by permission.