Advent Litanies

Based on the psalms the Common Lectionary recommends this year for the four Sundays in Advent

First Sunday in Advent

In this Advent season of waiting on the Lord,
We trust the Lord's goodness.
We rely on his mercy.
We find shelter in his steadfast love.
In this Advent season of waiting on the Lord,
We walk in the Lord's way.
We follow his example of love.
We keep our covenant promises.
In this Advent season of waiting,
Lord, forget our sins.
Remember your love.
Remember each one of us.
Remember your people everywhere.
In this Advent season of waiting,
Lord, we wait for your salvation.
We wait for your leading.
We wait for your coming.

Based on Psalm 25:1-10

Second Sunday in Advent

If our lives are dry and parched,
Lord, send the living waters of your Spirit
to revive us,
to enliven us,
to bring forth new life.
Immanuel, come quickly.
If our times are empty and barren,
Lord, grant us a rich harvest,
send us home with sheaves of blessing,
fill us with your abundance,
and teach us to share the harvest with others.
Immanuel, come quickly.
If our bodies are weary and heavy laden,
Lord, fill us with laughter,
give us shouts of joy,
envelop us with your gladi
Immanuel, come quickly.
If our lives are small and trivial,
Lord, make us see great things,
enlarge our vision,
widen our borders.
Immanuel, come quickly.

Based on Psalm 126

Third Sunday in Advent

If we look at our oWn lives, we must confess
the mixture of giving and selfishness,
our waiting on the Lord turned to an endless
our missing the mark of Advent.
Lord, forgive our frantic ways and misplaced efforts.
But we can also trust in God,
who still brings us salvation,
who still supplies us strength,
who hears our songs of gratitude,
who accepts our joyful praise.
Let us all draw water from the wells of salvation.
Let us shout it in church and in town:
The Lord's great name will still be praised.
His saving deeds support our lives.
His greatness still astounds us.
The Holy One of Israel is among us.
Praise the Lord and sing for joy.

Based on Isaiah 12

Fourth Sunday in Advent

The Lord is glorious and exalted.
Lord, shine in our hearts and lives.
God's people are often in distress and sorrow.
Lord, show your might and deliver us from evil.
We sometimes do not feel the Lord's presence.
O Lord, let your face again shine on us.
The Lord was the shepherd of his people Israel.
Lord, lead us in our way and guide us in our walk.
In this Advent season we stand on tiptoe—
Immanuel, invade our lives.

Based on Psalm 80:1—7

Harry Boonstra ( is former theological editor of RW and emeritus theological librarian of Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Reformed Worship 9 © September 1988, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Used by permission.