September 1988

RW 9
Reformed Worship issue cover

Articles in this issue:

  • Sound Advice

    Practical comments on bringing new life to acoustically dead sanctuaries

    The building committee needed a break. They had been discussing the acoustical problems in their sanctuary for over an hour. They had read the complaints, studied the estimates from a contractor, and argued back and forth about the importance of a good sound system.

  • Scott R. Riedel. St. Louis, Missouri: Concordia Publishing House, 1986, 32 pp.

    This pamphlet provides an excellent and authoritative overview of the often overlooked subject of sound and acoustics in the worship space. Riedel begins by emphasizing that the "event" of worship is largely an aural activity and that the message of the gospel and the response of the assembled congregation all take place within a "sound" environment that can either enhance or detract from the whole worship experience.

  • Resounding Praise

    In our attempts to modernize our sanctuaries we may be muffling the sounds of worship.

    "And I will stop the music of your songs." (Ezek. 26:13)

  • Paying the Piper

    An informal survey on the when, why, and how of paying church musicians.

    Somewhere in the fourth or fifth grade a child may discover there is nojustice in the universe. Michelle works harder at her math than Judy does, but Michelle getsCs while Judy gets As. Kevin's family gets to go to Disney World every year; Dan's family only goes to the tractor pull at the local county fair. It doesn't seem fair.

  • Dale Dieleman, ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Book House, 1985, 92 pp., $9.95.

    Young people today need to do more than learn how to worship: they need to gain confidence and experience in leading worship. The Praise Book, an excellent resource for pastors and youth leaders, suggests meaningful and creative ways of involving youth groups in worship.

  • Herald for Justice

    Ken Medema—Christian composer and performer—talks about the people and ideas that have influenced him and the dreams that challenge him.

    RW: Could you begin by telling us a bit about your childhood?

  • Celebrating Our Faith: Evangelism Through Worship. Robert E. Webber. San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1986,118 pp., $11.95.

    The strength of Celebrating Our Faith is Webber's contention that "the early church knew no such thing as an individualistic Christianity—it practiced evangelism by, in, and through the community of God's people" (p.5). The author wants the reader to see that worship is the key to evangelism.

  • Christmas Communion Service

    Christmas marks the culmination of the Advent season. The time of waiting is past, and God's people eeiehrate the arrival of their Messiah, who has visited and redeemed his people.

    *Everyone who is able, please stand

  • A Wesley Hymn Festival

    A service in honor of the 250th anniversary of the conversion of Charles and John Wesley (1738) and the 200th anniversary of the death of Charles Wesley (1788).

    *Everyone who is able, please stand.

    *Call to Worship


    *Hymn: "Rejoice, the Lord Is King"
    (PH 408; RIL 596)