I appreciated the article "Healing Services" by Robert Wise (RVJ11). I would like to see more articles on the practical use of spiritual gifts in Reformed worship services. One source might be Presbyterian and Reformed Renewal Ministries International, 2245 N.W. 39th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73112, (405) 525-2552.

I also appreciate the "Hymn of the Month" series. We have our own Hymn of the Month program in our church and we have found it valuable in preparing our congregation for the new Psalter Hymnal and for familiarizing our congregation with it now that it is in our pews.

However, as I compile a notebook with information on each hymn in our hymnbook, I have had to recut, paste, and copy the information in Reformed Worship in order to fit it onto one page for my notebook. Would it be possible to print each hymn on its own page?

Keep up the fine work. Your magazine is truly appreciated.

Jillayne Warners
Spring Lake CRC
Spring Lake, MI

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